2021 - Season highlights

2021 Season highlights:

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A brilliant time was had by all at the Presentation Dinner on Saturday 6th November at Nailsea Masonic Hall! It was good to see so many members there, especially some of our newer recruits.

A big thank you to the venue for the excellent food and service during the evening.

Well done to all our cup/trophy winners, all well-deserved, and also to the Ladies' “Personality of the Year”, Susie Sealy.


The 42nd Annual Open Pairs Tournament was held on our greens on Sunday 19th September and we were blessed with a dry and occasionally quite sunny day for the event.

This is an Australian Pairs competition and attracts teams from all over to compete in 4 timed matches throughout the day, punctuated by lunch, of course!

When all the dust settled, there were 6 teams that won all 4 of their matches and so it was decided by shot difference.  The winning pair, with a shot difference of an impressive 33, were Dave & Jenny Byett from Congresbury Bowling Club and congratulations to them.

A special mention also to everyone involved in running this event. So well done and thank you to the Association of Portishead Bowling Clubs, the bar staff, the tea/coffee providers, the baguette makers, the car park manager and anyone else who pitched in. Brilliantly organised at all levels!


Thursday September 9th was the day of the Hardwick Cup, where a member from Portishead Men is paired

with a member from Portishead RBL and an all day, round robin pairs tournament of 4 matches, each

consisting of 6 ends, is played.

The winning pair is decided by: a) matches won, and if tied, b) shot difference and, if still tied, c) ends won.

The weather was not kind (understatement!) and there were several pauses for torrential rain, each of which needed an additional delay for the standing water to drain off the greens!

Difficult conditions aside, most (not all!) members of both clubs enjoyed the day and, at the finish, there

were 3 teams that had won all 4 matches. The team with the greatest shots difference, and therefore the winners of the 2021 Hardwick Cup, were Rod Hawkins (PBC) & Norman Rogers (RBL).

Very well done to them and to all who took part.

Thank you also to Cae Norris (PLBC) and Lin Cobb (PLBC) for the pre-match teas/coffees, to all those that manned the bar during the day and to Malcolm Leach (PBC), Duncan Day (PBC) and Les Tassell (RBL) for

organising the event.


The Club held their Competition Finals over the August Bank Holiday weekend when all the Ladies matches were contested and all but one of the remaining Men’s (the last one was held on

Thursday 2nd September @ 10.30 am).  All games were hotly contested with some top

quality bowls being delivered.

The results were as follows:


Championship (Presidents Cup):

Winner: Niall Morrissey / Runner-Up: Richard Brake

Sid Woods Trophy:

Winner: Dennis Poulston / Runner-Up: Niall Morrissey

Fixed Jack:

Winner: Rod Hawkins / Runner-Up: Niall Morrissey

Gordano Cup (Pairs):

Winners: Niall Morrissey & Mike Berryman

Runners-Up: Rod Hawkins & Dave Taylor

Thirtle Salver (Veterans):

Winner: Stewart Calderwood / Runner-Up: Gordon Pears

Silver Jubilee Trophy:

Winner: Gordon Pears / Runner-Up: Mike Berryman

Hayes Cup (Points):

Winner: Mike Berryman / Runner-Up: Rod Hawkins

Hardwick Cup (PBC/RBL Pairs)

Winners: Rod Hawkins (PBC) & Norman Rogers (RBL)


Championship (Pennine Cup):

Winner: Marilyn Withey / Runner-Up: Janet Linaker

Joan Neville Salver:

Winner: Diane Poulston / Runner-Up: Liz Parker

Fixed Jack:

Winner: Sue Tassell / Runner-Up: Maggie Wilks


Winners: Maggie Wilks & Liz Parker

Runners-Up: Julia Hawkins & Jenny White

Veterans Pairs:
Winners: Margaret Reader & Jenny Brown

Runners-Up: Myra Ringrose & Pam Taylor

Winners: Cay Norris, Maggie Wilks & Rita Pears

Runners-Up: Hazel Aspinall, Diane Poulston & Jenny Brown

 2 Wood Singles:
Winner: Janet Linaker / Runner-Up: Helen Luffman

R Mansell Salver (Points):
Winner: Sue Tassell / Runner-Up: Helen Luffman


Portishead Men held three of their Competition finals on Monday 23rd August. They were due to be held the following week on Sunday 29th but, as the Men were hosting NSBA Finals games that day, and it would be “all hands to the pump”, it was decided to bring them forward. Sadly, that meant that the level of support was not what it could have been, which was a shame, as the three matches produced some quality bowling from all involved.

All but one of the remaining finals for the Men were held on Monday 30th August and the last remaining final was on Thursday 2nd September at 10.30am.


Portishead Men held their "Australian Pairs" competition on Saturday 31st July in the afternoon.  

Thankfully the weather, although a bit dodgy looking at times, stayed fair and a great afternoon of bowls was enjoyed by the 12 teams involved.

There were 3 rounds of matches, each of 6 ends and the scoring was 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and nothing for a loss.  Should there be a tie, then shot difference would be taken into account.

This year it was very tight between all the teams with several pairs finishing on 4 points.  One team however finished with the maximum 6 points and therefore this year's winners were Mike Berryman and Bert Sexton.

Well done to them, and to all who took part, with a special thank you to Duncan Day for organising the event.


The Cream Tea afternoon was held on Sunday 4th July.  This is a charity event held jointly by the Ladies' and Men's Clubs and is a pairs competition.  It is always an enjoyable occasion, where members arrange their own partners (pairs can be either 2 x ladies, 2 x men, or mixed).  The matches are followed by a Cream Tea comprising sandwiches, scones & tea/coffee.


This year each pairs match was played as 6 ends in the Australian 2-4-2 format so each player gets to alternate as 'Lead and 'Skip'.  Play commenced at the appointed time and all was set fair........except for the weather!

Sadly, as the 4th end was in progress, the heavens opened and a break was taken whilst the rain poured down so heavily it caused the gutters to overflow onto the front step of the clubhouse and the greens to flood, bringing an end to the bowling.

There is, however, a happy ending in that a great Cream Tea was enjoyed by all and, thanks to some hard selling of raffle tickets, each of the Portishead Clubs received almost £165 for their respective charities!

Well done to everyone that organised and took part in the event and here's hoping for better weather next year!!


Following on from the below, we had a Charity Morning & Lunch event on Monday June 7th.  This was very well supported by established members, new members and many of the prospective members from the above Open Day.  The weather was again in our favour and we all had a brilliant morning.  On top of that the Men & Ladies Clubs raised a marvellous £390 which will be split between their respective charities.  Well done to everyone involved.


The 2021 Open Day (in association with the Bowls England "Big Bowls Weekend") on Bank Holiday Monday, May 31st was a great success.  We had many visitors eager to try their hand at bowls and learn more about the game in general.  The weather was fantastic and, with free refreshments thrown in, a great time was had by all.


The Association of Portishead Bowling Clubs would like to thank Britton Associates Wealth Management Ltd.

for their sponsorship of the 2021 season